My Ramble of Self Reflection

My adventure really never stopped. I’ve had struggles and I have certainly tried to to achieve things that are more often than not to be out of my reach. 
When I was growing up I often heard people talk about not fitting in, and the difficulty they had with that. I empathized with their struggles, but at the same time I envied them just a bit. I was good with people. I had numerous friends who considered me their bestfriend, and I felt horrible that I did not feel the same. I appreciated their company, and enjoyed their personalities. They are wonderful and good people. I found that I often just drew one line that it was ‘me’ and ‘them’. I felt I knew them better than they knew me, and I felt I was at fault for that.

I love life and everything that it brings. I wanted to reinvent myself to be a better person and to like myself better. I am stricter and more harsh on myself then I would ever be with someone else. People hurt, struggle, and try to make the best decisions they can. I adore that kind of dedication and will however I can’t find that kind of feeling or compassion to place upon myself. I decided that I would learn how to be more accepting of myself.

Every year i go on vacation. I keep it within my budget, and I skip out of other things to be able to make it accomplish-able each year.

I live within the united states. Each state has something unique to them. I haven’t been to all of them, but the ones I have brought different viewpoint, cultures, and food.

Each place I’ve been has given me insight of what my priorities are, how to deal with my feelings, and most importantly how to communicate with others openly and honestly about me and their relationship.

I’m more honest with what I want with myself and with other people. 
I’m getting better at managing my time and not over working myself.