My rambles of the History of the Equal Rights Amendment.

The Equal Rights Amendment was created to allow both genders to vote and made it illegal to deny someone’s vote based on their gender ( Roberta W. Francis, history). This was important to many women because it allowed them to be equal to men in the right to vote. in history, women were not allowed to participate in things considered to be masculine or considered to be a male right; Things like owning property, or having custody of their offspring were something women were not allowed to obtain. The Equal Rights Amendment was one of the things to help get people on a different path that would lead to equality. Everyone deserves the right to vote.

The ideal was for women to be able to have the right to vote, and this was an ideal that took at least a couple of decades to be able to obtain. ‘’The Equal Rights Amendment took at least 30 years to get ratification” ( Roberta W. Francis, history). They had to work for it by writing to people in power, making signs and marching, and breaking the law such as putting in a vote. It was a difficult ideal to fight for since it required convincing the opposing party, the ones in power, to give something that may redefine the roles that were played due to law and opinion.

The thought of wanting freedom and equal rights is remarkably strong in many cultures. There are a few cultures today that do not allow or have restrictions to women voting. The need to secure and redefine our rights as people regardless of gender is important just as it was before we gained the rights. We will continue to grow and change our view as a nation. 
The people have just as much power as the government, and patience is at times key to success. The right to vote and other rights that lead to more equality between the genders was a fight worth putting the time in for. It was an ideal many generations wanted. It was a beautiful thing when women gained the right to vote. The Equal Rights Amendment was to give women the right to vote without it being question if they had the right by law to do so ( Equal Rights Amendment).

I believe that its important for everyone to have the right to vote, and if there needs to be an amendment to secure that, that I will certainly look into it and support it. I think the difficulty is trying to get priorities in line, and writing the amendment where it benefits people without making loop holes and severe negative complications. I believe the ability to vote is perhaps taken for granted at times. The Equal Rights Amendment should prevent discrimination for all genders; It doesn’t matter if the person is male, female, or identifies otherwise. There’s an article written by Jessica Ravitz that talks about how The Equal Rights Amendment is still important to many women today because it gives a guarantee that women have the right to vote (Jessica Ravitz).

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Equal Rights 
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This is inspired by my History Teacher, Megan.

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