The rambles about Respect

The meaning of respect is many things to me. It evolves and grows on how I define or interpret it in my mind. It just like all things is truly about the perspective on what the deeper meanings could be, and that can make things very interesting. The ability to have different perspectives makes the world more vast and educational. I think that respect for the differences in the perspective or the similarities make things more open for people to voice out their opinion. Respect makes the world a better place.

Respect is acknowledging someone’s existence regardless the similarities and differences. I feel that people who discard others just because of certain things are committing a disrespectful act. I think we all try really hard to do things right, and we often feel pressures that can be difficult to handle. I think people not respecting a person can really make it harder on someone who has other things going on in their life too. I feel that respect can really open up conversations and give a new insight on things. I also think its absolutely possible to respect someone you don’t like.

Respect is to see and hear another person. Respect is setting aside bias is most respectful action I can think of that a person can do. Respect can be about what the receiver is feeling and what the giver is feeling sometimes they don’t match up. I feel more open to talking when I feel I’m respected verses when I’m not. I think many people can relate to that.

Respect is sometimes unknown to us until we are in the moment. Things that frustrate us can be just the interpretation of lack of respect from others whether its how they talk or body language. Respect can be shown in some many different forms that it gets difficult to know what another person needs for them to feel the respect you have for them.

Respect is an action and a feeling. It varies from different situations, but it’s generally a common thing we want to show other people when we can. We display respect because its often a way to show someone kindness in some ways. Its also to keep ourselves open to others. Its hard to interpret and to give it in a way others understand. People who feel respected can be more open minded. The interpretation of respect changes from person to person which challenges people to be better. .