Gearing up for Strange Loop

Photo of my HYBYCOZO, a polyhedral artwork that investigates geometry through light, shadow, & perception.

Tomorrow, a bunch of us are heading to Strange Loop, an annual multi-disciplinary, technology and innovation conference, set in St. Louis, Missouri from Sept 28th-30th.

Strange Loop is an event that focuses in areas such as emerging languages, security, distributed systems, concurrency, and more. Comcast is very proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of this year’s conference. We’ll also be leading two informative sessions:

Stop Rate Limiting! Capacity Management Done Right

Saturday, September 30 — 11:10 AM — 11:50 AM in POH Pepsi Encore

In this talk, Jon Moore, Chief Software Architect at Comcast, will discuss a powerful concept from queuing theory known as Little’s Law and use it to understand where rate limiting can break down and why an alternative — concurrency control — can be a superior way of addressing this problem. This leads to an elegant implementation that’s still easy for clients to understand.

Automating Cloud Security and Incident Response (DevSecOps)

Saturday, September 30 — 2:00 PM — 2:40 PM in US Regency AB

In this talk, Jearvon Dharrie, Sr. Software Engineer from Comcast, will discuss creating a security framework for the enterprise. It takes principles of automation from DevOps and applies it to security.

We’re also delighted to sponsor the Papers We Love Conf (PWLConf), which is co-located with Strange Loop. Papers We Love is a repository of academic computer science papers and we truly value the connections that form from applying research to real-world industry problems.

If you happen to be at Strange Loop, please drop by for our presentations or just to chat. We look forward to learning, sharing, collaborating and communing with other Strange Loop attendees. See you in St. Louis!