“These are 4 Reasons that Scare People Away from Your Blog”

Have you seen your Google Analytics stats lately?

If you’re like most people, you probably see less people returning to your blog. They visit less pages. They stay on your blog much less than before.

And there are bunch of reasons for that.

One of them is PoC; plenty of choice.

Just a few decades ago, an information about a specific topic could be found in just a handful of books, and all of them you could find in your local library.

Just a few years ago, the same info could be found in few dozen blogs or forums.

Now, you can find that same info in thousands of places, from old forums, to blogs, to social media sites.

So, don’t fool yourself. There’s nothing special about your blog or the content you create. I have no doubt that is useful content. But there’s nothing special about it.

But this is not the reason why people don’t visit your blog as before. Well, it’s not the only reason.

First, your blog sucks on mobile

Few days ago I read a post (if I find it, I’ll link to it) that says that about 68% of global internet traffic now is via mobile devices.

Can you imagine that!?

That’s 2/3 of traffic, with a tendency of growing.

Following this logic, I could easily bet that at least half of visits to your blog are from a smartphone or a tablet.

And guess what will happen if your blog is not mobile responsive and looks like crap…

That’s right, my good friend. You’ll never see those people again.

So, tip #1 for today is: Pick a WordPress theme for your blog that looks great on mobile.

(Probably) Your typography sucks

Tell me, what font are you using for your blog?

Actually, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.

Decades of testing (yes, decades; people used to write ads and content long before internet, you know) showed that people best react of “serif” fonts, instead of “sans” fonts.

“Serf” fonts are those that have a small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter or symbol.

“Sans” fonts (which if French for “without”) don’t have that.

For some reason, for our eyes and our brain it’s much easier to read “serif” fonts.

And when it comes to font size, size does matter.

Use too small font, and people won’t be able to read it. Use too big, and people will have to scroll to read, which is also annoying.

Tip #2 for today is: Use “serif” fonts for main text, “sans” is fine for headlines and sub headlines, and use font size around 14 pt for main text.

Hate to break it down to you, but I’m sure your navigation sucks, too

You noticed that number in Google Analytics that says “Pages / Session”?

That number says how many pages on your blog (on average) people are visiting once they land on your blog.

Not so much, right?

Well, that’s because people can’t figure out where to go next.

You either have too much stuff to click on, or too few.

So, tip #3 is: Use only the most important links in your navigation (whether it’s sidebar, main menu, footer).

And all this leads to one important thing: the readability of your blog, and user experience sucks

When the content you create is not unique and engaging; when your blog is not mobile responsive; when you distract your visitors with too much stuff on your sidebar and footer, you scare people away.

They won’t come to your blog again.

I’m pretty sure you've heard for Medium.com. (If someone hasn't copy-pasted this post to his blog, you’re probably reading this on Medium.)

People who write love it. People who read love it.


Because it’s dead simple.

You just enter your headline, an image (optional), and main body text.

No sidebars. No cluttered menu.

Have you seen it on mobile?

Clean. Minimal. Beautiful.

That’s what you should aim for when it comes to your blog.

I had that same problem with my blogs. And I couldn't find WordPress theme that would suit me.

And since here at Shindiri Studio we love Medium.com (and make WordPress themes, BTW), we decided to create a WordPress theme that is inspired by Medium.

And Glyph is born.

Big (hero) image with headline and post excerpt. When you scroll down, the main post appears.

Big background image with nothing but a headline on it (so called, hero image)? Check.

Mobile responsiveness? Check.

Hidden menu? Check.

Bunch of beautiful fonts to choose from? Check.

Option to turn off a sidebar so your readers can focus only the content? Check.

Most important things for maximum readability of your blog are already there. All you need to do is to create content worth reading/watching/listening.

You can see Glyph in action here.

And what to do with that content thing we mentioned at the beginning?

How to create content that’s different from everybody else’s?

Well, add more personal touch to it. Be yourself.

Have you seen any of the Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos? He talks mostly about social media. Just like thousands of other people out there.

But he’s unique. He talks from the heart. He has it’s own voice and style.

Both he and I can create video on the same topic, yet both videos would be drastically different.

Find YOUR voice.

Don’t write/talk one way just because you saw some big name doing that way.

Some people want to goof around. Others love to sound more corporate. There are people who like to mix it up.

There is no right or wrong way.

So do it your way.

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