How to Choose a Best Key Finder? 5 Things to Look Out For

Key Finders are those little tracking device that works on RF or Bluetooth technology and let you locate the misplaced or lost keys, wallets, remotes, luggage, pets etc. Some of those models will also let you track your mobile phones by triggering alarm.

In truth, there are so much of practical uses for such device that goes more than simply locating misplaced keychain in your home. They are used in so many work conditions for effective communication among people and used in security procedures.

There are so many of key finders in the market promise to keep all your little valuables safe but in reality many of them fail to do so. When it comes to Key trackers you have to look for the five of these essentials described here.

Most Important Features of a Key Finder:

1. Design & Build:

This is very important. You must make sure if it has good body built to last long and light enough to carry with your key chain. It should be easy enough to mantle and dismantle. A best key finder should also be waterproof and not be spoiled with rain or spilled coffee.

2. RF or Bluetooth:

The one that work with Radio Frequency comes with base unit and doesn’t need phone app to track. They are quite simple to use but their coverage range will be limited. On the other hand bluetooth finders work as gps devices and have long distance range and come with integrated app. App includes so many features but you must remember Bluetooth signal strength will be affected with external factors.

3. Area Coverage:

Having a long coverage range is advantageous. Older models will track devices within 50–70 ft distance. So the more better! But if you live in smaller space then short range device will do.

4. Battery & Volume:

Make sure the battery is rechargeable or easily replaceable. Some devices are difficult to dismantle and replace new batteries. On the other hand rechargeable one’s will keep the headache of changing batteries constantly. And ringer volume is another important factor. Some devices surprisingly let loud beep to hear from third room but some emit muffled beeps which are hard to locate the items even if you stand nearby.

5. Integrated APP:

APP must be compatible with the latest Smartphone os be it android or ios. It should be cross-platform compatible and better if it includes advanced features than merely tracking keys. Some apps are capable enough to work in two-ways. That is you can reverse trigger to set alarm of your phone if you misplaced it.

Even the top rated key finders suffer with negative reviews from people complaining about losing Bluetooth connectivity. Just remember the signal will be influenced by so many external factors so make sure that a particular device works well in your environment.

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