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I don’t know either of these people. What I do know is that no court of law convicted either person…yet people on both sides are apparently willing to demonize the other…including the “author” who is thinking progressively. The gist of this article is no different than the attacks aimed at Driscoll and I don’t think the goal of the article is going to be achieved.

She can’t prove anything apparently and although she claims she should have just taken the beating and shut up, she obviously doesn’t mean that because if she did she would have shut up by now. I really hope he didn’t hit her on one hand and yet it seems there is reason to hope he really did hit her so she at least feels justified in continuing to push this narrative.

It is as ugly a situation as any domestic situation that falls apart even without violence…and whether she is a trained assassin or not, I don’t doubt for a moment that there are women who would fake their own injuries to ruin a man who scorned them…just as I don’t doubt it is possible he did everything she claims…I wonder what the bias is for each person who truly knows nothing about this but has chosen a side?

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