It’s the year 2077, and decades of war and climate change have left many major cities on Earth in a dystopian state. The Shinzo are star-travelers that have been sent to earth on a mission to help usher in a new age of prosperity and peace. Shinzo is a symbol of hope for a better tomorrow, and they will stop at nothing to ensure that the people of Earth can live in peace and harmony once again.


Shinzo has partnered with Key Financial, a leading venture capital firm in North America, that will bring their expertise in Branding, Marketing, Sales, and Growth. Their skills are complemented by capital injections to help execute the Shinzo’s roadmap. With this partnership, Shinzo looks forward to bringing their innovative NFTs to the world.


Here at Shinzo, we look forward to creating a family that genuinely takes care of each other. In order for a community to be strong, it must first be built on trust and care for one another. We want this to be a place where people can come to relax, have fun, and make lasting relationships in the new evolving world of Web3.


We take pride in our collection of 150+ traits that we have assembled over months with 4000px resolution providing holders with the highest quality art possible. Shinzo NFT’s “decentralized artistry” ensures traits are completely unique, and no two are alike. This level of variety allows buyers to find the perfect NFT to suit their individual personality reflected through the art.


Shinzo will always be looking for ways to honor and expand our brand by letting the world know what we stand for. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through fashion collaborations with like minded brands to develop exclusive wearables and physical collectibles expanding our community beyond a purely digital experience.


Step into the world of Shinzo and be rewarded with an animated version of your very own art piece. With this upgrade a new dimension of Shinzo will be opened.


All Shinzo genesis holders own the exclusive rights to the characters and intellectual property (IP) they hold. We are committed to protecting our holders’ assets and giving them the confidence to expand their horizons through the 7,777 individual IP secured subsections of the Shinzo community.


Shinzo is here to unite people through real life experiences. Our IRL events will bring people together in cutting edge fashion as Web2 transforms into Web3.


We will be enabling genesis holders to mint all future collections from the Shinzo ecosystem. This provides an easy way for holders to obtain new and exciting digital assets. Shinzo plans to expand their reach by releasing a series of mints to help usher in the age of mass NFT adoption.


Shinzo is rethinking how NFTs are being experienced. Our journey will progress through the 7,777 art pieces. Discover its secrets and shape its future. You are the keyholder.


The Shinzo team is a talented and devoted group, spanning the landscapes of marketing, sales and business development, digital artistry, Web2 and Web3.

Our goal is to create an ever lasting entity that always provides for the members of the Shinzo family with the best experiences and utilities possible. It’s time to change the way people experience and think of NFTs.


WL = Free Mint

Public mint price = 0.0177 ETH

Mint date = November 29th, 2022

Check our discord server for more information!



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