How Microsoft can make Bing better

I recently tried bing it on a Microsoft hosted comparison between Bing and Google ( Although I love Microsoft and Bing, Google easily beat their smaller counterpart 3 to 1. I kind of felt bad. I really do enjoy Microsoft services and products and have received $10 entirely from making a couple searches or quizzes each day on Bing. I also believe Microsoft has a better privacy policy than Google. So here are some things that I think would vastly increase my Bing usage for any Microsoft executive out there.

1. Color: Google is really smart in that they have a very likeable for scheme for their site. The classic blue, red, yellow, green, blue, red is really attractive and makes the site feel friendly and clean. They also offer cuztom backgrounds or “themes” which make the search feel more personalized. Bing on the other hand has a awkward dark green (or a Microsoft blue in Microsoft Edge) and does not to my knowledge have any custom search backgrounds. Although it does not seem much of a problem, most of my favoring of Google comes from their clean site layout. One way Bing can improve in this area (that Google doesn’t offer) is a custom design or image that we could upload as our background. Bing could also provide a drawing/design tool that would allow meditating of the usually white background. I would also like to note that the changing image that I’ve sometimes seen on other people’s bing background has never shown up in my browser (although it has in my login screen).

2. Too much white space: Even without counting the white browser-home background (and I find fault with this in both google and bing) is the white space. It seems in our society white has become the default clean, professional color. We have white walls, white rooms, white houses, white LED lighting (a color filter would work). People are tired of staring at white every second of our lives. I understand for some, it is difficult to research results without that classic white background, but I think this problem could be solved by decreasing the brightness of a background image or design by 25–50 percent. People like a customized browser so offer this feature in settings. Even allowing customization of link color (and the exotic rainbow color) would make searching more enjoyable and easier to do all day. This would also really upgrade my likes of Bing.

3. Search security and privacy: Although privacy seems like a thing of the past, it is somewhat important to many of us that Vladimir Putin does not know our bank account password or the color of underwear we wear. Many companies like Google and Facebook have made it their passion to change their privacy policy once a week (pardon my hyperbole) and to record all of our history for “customization." Although we’ve all been assured numerous times that our data is safe and out of harms way, we saw in the last year (with campaign email hacking, Yahoo hacking, card sliding hacking, etc.) that sometimes hacks come when least expected. Although I do appreciate the customization of my searches, Bing would get my vote if they put at the top of their privacy policy that search and purchase data will only be accessed by AI who receive the data in analog form and are not directly connected to the international and that no data whatsoever will be distributed to any second or third parties (Microsoft and affiliates included) and will be completely cleared from all storage, online and offline upon deletion. Some transparency (aided with a demonstration video) as to what Bing does with our information would also help greatly. Furthermore, making downloading extensions, specifically Norton Web Protector would further ensure my privacy.

4. Make searches easier and more accurate: Often I find that it is pretty much impossible to research anything relatively scientific on Bing. This is because the algorithm used seams to be by word as opposed to keyword. If Bing could prioritise the word elephant as opposed to it or an in the sentence “what is an elephant,” searching would be a lot easier. I don’t know the actual algorithm used, so I can’t explain what to fix, but it must be reviewed. Another thing, while on the subject is to make images more accessible. If there was an option in settings or at the top of the screen,where one could enable a column-style layout with search results on the left and a collage of images on the right it would make viewing images and staying in the mindset of the search a lot easier.

5. Fun Tidbits Although if Bing did just 1 through 3, I wood use the search engine a lot more, one thing that could attract perhaps more stingy customers is the fun little quirks or surprises. Google has somewhat mastered this technique (on April fools they converted maps into pac man; every holiday google doodles are enjoyable and informative), Bing can still do this with interesting slideshows, demonstrations, trending items, and maybe a social media/instant messaging (ie. Google + and Google Hangouts) would make browsing fun and easy.

There are somethings I really like about Bind and Internet Explore. I enjoy news updates from MSN and rewards, I would greatly appreciate these updates.