Bill Maher Humiliates himself again😒

Google “Adam Wolfe Comedy” CLICK images.

Not only did Bill Maher plagiarize my neologism (Opposite Lander) he reversed the definition. To add insult to injury, he has HANOI Jane on his show to castigate Donald Trump with her defense of Celebrities and their Hideous Pussy👿Hats. Frankly, I am still traumatized from watching my Jehovah’s Witness mother exercise to Jane Fonda’s Workout Videos.

I liked Bill Maher a lot better when he was exposing the Evil that is Islam and Barack Obama refused to appear on his show because of it. Now Bill has turned into a complete shill for the Neo Conservatives, Democrat War Hawks, & Shadow Government (Deep State).

Breath with your Pussy. Think with your Ovaries.

Bill Maher’s Rhetoric immediately changed in his new season as he Christened himself with his Purple Tie to demonstrate Allegiance to the Purple Revolution. Liberal Retards are so transparent now. The Internet just moves too fast for them. They are a Hive Mind and no single member is allowed to come up with original arguments in case they accidentally contradict the Herd Narrative. Regardless, they do it any way but they continue acting as though they just farted and can’t detect the scent of their own 🐃💩.

The Geriatric former Uber Slut who schlepped (or is it slept?😕) her way to infamy, stated:

“If penises (I think her dumb ass meant ‘Penii’) could do what pussies do they would be on postage stamps. A lot of people are scared of Pussy Power.”
~Jane Fonda

This is very revealing about her psychosis. Her comments are completely Non-sequitur. First of all only Tyrants want to be “Feared”. Secondly, she views the General Will of the American People as a threat to the Authority of the Vagina. Not my words, hers. Why do you think there is that big V in the View’s Logo❓ Why is it the Vagina Monologues instead of the Vagina Dialogues❓ The Bee Hive is abuzz because the Hidden Hand has been slapped and the Drones are WOKE.

Psychopaths and FemiNAZIS will say that women are EQUAL to men when it benefits them & they will say that women are SUPERIOR to men when they can get away with it. Just like criminals the story constantly changes. Depending on who they are talking to they were either VICTIMIZED by men or they used their Feminine CUNNING to subserviate a man to their will.