Origins of Innate Morality

If Humans are Innately Moral it is because of Religion

How did we become Moral unless we exerted a Religious influence on ourselves to become Moral?

Recently discovered Human Ancestors, Homo Naledi, carried the bodies of their dead relatives up the sides of Rock Cliffs in order to bury their bodies in caves. This can only be described as a Religious Practice that believed in some form of After Life which would be categorized by Atheists as “Delusional”.

Epigenetics informs us that every Action, Thought, & Word we speak creates Neural Myelination that is passed on to our children in the form of Cellular Memory predisposing them to certain behaviors & judgments.

I use the metaphor of a Horse Driven wagon driving through an old town when the streets are muddy. When the sun rises, the streets dry out, and the mud hardens you have grooves in the road and your wheels naturally fall into those grooves. If it doesn’t dictate your destination it definitely influences the route you take. This is how Neural Myelination works.

Atheism is not a Moral Authority, it is Moral and Philosophical Anarchy. Atheism is not new, it is old. Socrates was accused Falsely of being an Atheist & he defended himself in court but was forced to drink the Hemlock as a Deist. There has never been a successful Atheist Society in the History of Human Kind in spite of the fact that it has always existed for the simple reason that Atheists have nothing in common but the fact that they don’t believe in God. Which means that they can never agree on any Form of the Highest Good or Ideology/Ideal/Idol. They have no morality in common which is why they aren’t remembered by History.

What Atheists are doing is making a Moral Equivocation between all human morals. Which means that the morals of Muslims that allow you to Murder Infidels, Rape their children, Make them your Sex Slaves or child brides is the same Morality that Protects the Equality of Women, Human Rights, Protection of Homosexuals, Defense of Children not to be Sexually Violated, Defense of Women not to have their Clitoris cut off because Mooslems think women enjoying sex makes them Whores, & Defense of people that disagree with Islam not to be Tortured to death. But the Useful Idiots that promote Islam for money that they are unwilling to earn by contributing value to the Society that Sustains them are SO, EVIL, LAZY, & STUPID that they will take money from George Soros, & Catholic Charities in order to be promote CONSCIOUS EVIL.