Why has B.Tech become an undisputed choice for many?

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The professional world is now taking a leap with new challenges to be met everyday. From the competitive spirits instilled in the job seekers to the urge to find a high paying job, everything turns out to be a major reason that students tend to pursue a safe and tried & tested career that can lead them to a successful career and a salary, enough to be flaunted and to afford all the possible luxuries.

In the last few years, finding an ideal job has become a concern for everyone. With the competition arising in almost every sector, most guardians are found to have a bend towards engineering. B.Tech remains a major choice in their opinion that their wards should consider while planning their way ahead. On the other hand, the students too prefer going by the trend and opt to pursue an engineering degree, which brings along the assurance of a successful career. However, there does exist students, who wish to pursue their love for technology and science. These are the trend setters, who make the world believe that engineering is the ideal career choice.

Many students even consider pursuing a B.Tech degree owing to the varied career choices it brings along. After having completed the 4 year programme, they can qualify for the leading IT companies, automobile manufacturing companies, and even the ones operating in FMCG. The career choices for these B.Tech graduates are many, which turns out to be a major reason that it remains a common choice for many. Below are some of the jobs for B.Tech freshers.

Software Developers

The B.Tech freshers soon after completing their curriculum can move on to apply for jobs in software development. These professionals are engaged in designing, installing, testing and maintaining the software systems. The entry-level software developers get an average remuneration of more than Rs 3,00,000 per year.

Software Testers

Software testing is yet another job role that lures the B.Tech graduates. The software test engineers are the professionals, who are involved in the testing process of the software systems. For this, they prepare test plans, detect the errors, and further document and report the same. The average annual remuneration for these professionals in India is Rs 329,268.

Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineering is yet another career choice that a B.Tech can fresher can consider. These professionals generally find their abode in automotive manufacturing, petroleum, electrical, and many other industries. They remain the major resources for the entire production stage in an organization. The average annual remuneration for the entry-level mechanical engineers in India is Rs 309,186.

Design Engineers

Designing a tool, machinery or product remains a task assigned to the design engineers. Soon after completing a B.Tech degree, a professional can apply for the position of a design engineer. These professionals during their initial phase of career make Rs 341,198 per year, on an average.

Field Engineers

The Field Engineers are desired across the construction industry. They are deployed on the site to carry out the necessary activities. After having worked on this position for some time, they can even switch to other profiles. The entry-level field engineers in India make more than Rs 3,00,000 per year.

Besides, the B.Tech freshers have many other jobs to explore. Besides the engineering and IT sectors, they can look for jobs in even FMCG, construction, and other sectors too.

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