Cracker free Diwali, when I heard it the first time, I felt bad. Shit, I always just knew Diwali was about crackers. My childhood was snatched from me, by the goons of justice sitting in the Supreme court.

But then I thought may be now I have got an opportunity to know what Diwali is actually about, why we worship Goddess Lakshmi, when Lord Rama came back without any trace of goddess Lakshmi being there, but that’s another story.

I heard from people saying, “I never buy crackers, but this time I have specially bought to defy the orders of supreme court.”, I was amazed.

Those Goons of Justice, how can they ban crackers, when they knew Diwali is main festival of Hindus, even when Air quality index of NCR before Diwali was 302 (very poor), even though 2.5 million people died of pollution in 2015 in India, even though pollution kills more people in India than smoking. How can those people snatch our childhood, how can they prevent us from passing that tradition of burning crackers to our children.

India is world’s largest democracy, anybody can do whatever they want. We should definitely pass the tradition of burning crackers, because I am certain that it won’t go much further anyway, because the pollution will kill a lot of people in the coming years, we don’t even know how long and how healthy our children will be in this kind of pollution, but I have always learnt that in India, tradition is important, even more than Children, the coming generation.

I think those goons of justice, didn’t got it just right.

And they didn’t even knew that this is the only way to make Lord Rama happy, by burning crackers, so that pollution rises and we can meet him in person, earlier than expected.

May be the goons thought, that religion’s are made for people and people aren’t made for religion. For those goons, Being alive and being healthy was still a better idea rather than being religious and sick.

They didn’t knew, that we exploit our mothers, we say “Bharat Mata ki Jai”, because we know she will tolerate. She is strong enough to see her children die, she is strong enough to get suffocated too.

Shit they knew less of this. Shit.