Loneliness, the teacher!

How often you have felt lonely? I have been lonely a major part of my life because of the fear of being judged.

What did I learn from loneliness?

  • No one gives a funk about you. You think they are thinking about you? Wake up, sweetie! They aren’t. They have their own world to take care of.
  • You are the only person to be with you till the end of your life. Take care of yourself. Do what makes you happy. Don’t succumb to your pleasures instead play for your happiness. Remember, pleasure and happiness are different.
  • The ones who love you without any expectations will be there waiting for you. Be it your parents or your true friends will be there with you.
  • Remember, You aren’t depressed just because you are lonely.
  • You’ll get more time to spend on yourself. You can do what you always wanted to do. Like planning a solo trip, reading the book you wanted to. The opportunities are endless.
  • Work on yourself. I spent a quality time working on myself. It helped me to come over the social anxiety.

Take time to be lonely and spend that time on the most important person in the world. Yes, you. Don’t be afraid to be lonely. As I said before, loneliness is a great teacher.