1st May (Como, Heidenheim)

Oh my God I can’t believe it’s May already! Sigh.

I woke up at 6:45am (Ikr) and got ready and had the same breakfast for the third day in a row now. It was complimentary so I wasn’t complaining. Then I left to go to the train station and walked by lake como one last time. I noticed that it had rained and joked about how even the sky was upset that I was leaving Italy. It was an emotional goodbye that I had to say to the lake. I even saw little ducklings and they were just so cute. I said bye to the lake, ducks, ducklings and swans and started to walk to my bus stop.

I reached the bus and successfully got a window seat and that too on the last seat. On the other end of the row, there was a woman who had basically set up camp there. She had a blanket and a pillow and was sleeping on 3 seats. I was excited to see that the WiFi was working well and felt very comfortable on the bus that I didn’t feel like moving at all.

I talked to Devashree and Apoorva on WhatsApp about astrology after so long and that was awesome as usual. Then we passed through Switzerland and it was snowing there! It was really beautiful. I saw tiny streams of water as well and I wondered how cold the water must be. A part of me wanted to request the bus driver to stop so that I could play in the snow for a while.

Before I knew it I was in Chur, Switzerland. We took a bathroom break there and then I was back on the bus to Memmingen. I started editing my trip pictures. I reached memmingen and had some fancy croissant there and then got on the train to Ulm. Right now I’m on the train to Heidenheim. There was a woman with 3 massive suitcases and I kind of helped her. It was like a flashback to last month when I was traveling with my multiple suitcases.

One thing I’ve realized is that not only do I like traveling around new cities and places, I also really enjoy the journey to and from the place. Like I read somewhere “the journey is the best part”. I realized that chasing after an end point can be extremely tiring and disappointing. The best thing to do is enjoy each step of the way and make each moment count. And when you actually reach your destination, you will love it.

BRB, I’m reaching the Heidenheim station in 2 minutes. (See what I did there!!!!!! Omg my timing is on point).

After I reached back to the apartment, I unpacked and cleaned up a bit and made that weird pizza sort of thing that I had bought before going to Italy. I still have no idea what it was but it was okay. Then I slept early because I was to get up early for my first class with second sem the next day.

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