26th April (Heidenheim)

The day started off pretty shitty but ended up pretty fkn awesome.

Class was boring af and Pradyuman left quite early to pick Sakshi up (awww). But as cute as that was, I was left alone with people who were pmsing including myself. We got way too much time to work on our project. It was such a dumb project anyway and I was only doing the marketing and legal part of the project. I had some free time and I finally spoke to mom for a long time and that felt really good. For lunch, I picked up this massive pseudo burger sandwich thingy and it was so good. I carried it to the 5th floor and found this awesome sauce spot which my fellow internationals already knew about. So I met them there and even they were pretty upset about the class and how lame it was.

Anyway, it was time to leave soon be a use that idiot teacher left us early because he literally taught us nothing. So I decided to go shopping. I bought a really pretty white sweater from New Yorker and finally I bought some socks from Müller. Then I went home, did my laundry, and tried to make some travel plans. After that I went to netto (heaven) and picked up some food for myself and for Verena’s birthday gift and of course some wine for the night. It was a Wednesday, okay!

Then before I knew it was dinner time. I made the yummiest double decker turkey sandwich with herb cheese spread. It was soo good. I devoured it in seconds. Alas, it was felsen time! I took the pink wine and verenas gift and waited for Sakshi and paddy for like 15 mins in the cold and then we reached there and I managed to grab the last seat hehe.

I don’t know what it is with that place but I think i always drink too much there. I had the whole bottle of wine, a shot of that red yumminess and a shot of that fkn deadly double scotch whisky (the one that caused the head bump). Then it was time to go to felsen and I danced a lot there. I guess all that alcohol had kicked in. For the first time I stayed in felsen till the end and then went home. I had a blast.