27th April (Heideheim)

The first 4.5 hours were very eventful. After that is when I went to sleep to wake up again in 3 hours. However, I did not. I managed to shut off my alarms and not even realise it. I guess I was still drunk or maybe subconsciously I knew nothing useful was gonna happen in class anyway. I woke up at 10:30 and first laughed at myself. Then I freaked out and started to get ready in a rush to reach ASAP. But I think i was still a bit drunk so I was so confused. Then I left the house and while walking I realised that maybe it’s better if I go after lunch and meanwhile to the project at home! Best decision ever. I’d bought a sandwich from netto and had it with some chocolate milk while I did my project and I felt myself beginning to sober up. I finished my work and headed to college. Marie, Verena, Hugo and paddy had their presentation at 1 and they were damn good that I got jealous because I wasn’t too happy with my group and project. After the presentation he told us we could work on out project (of course cuz he basically taught us nothing). That’s when I sat with my team and got shit for not coming in the morning. They were like “you should’ve at least informed us”, “it’s a group project” and all that jazz. And then we sat for 5 mins and they told me that they’re done and that I could leave. I think they continued working but I was just happy I could leave their presence. I was just like hold up, when I’m there you look down on me and criticize everything I do and ignore me and send me away. And if I’m not there then you suddenly miss my presence? And then when I come back after that, you shoo me away again. Nice. I think I’d managed to get the worst group in the class (people wise). They are arrogant and pompous jerks who are randomly sweet sometimes. I remember that I didn’t feel like looking at the project because it reminded me of them pissing me off. But I knew it’d be over soon, so I looked forward to that.

After all that ish, I relaxed at home and did some stuff, made my bookings for. Italy, chilled with a friend and went off to sleep at 12 because I simply could not afford to be late again!