28th April (Heidenheim, Como)

I somehow managed to wake up at 7:15 and make it on time to class. I was beginning to doubt myself haha. So I reached the Uni and it was presentation day! We were second last so I got time to prepare for it during and in between presentations. I think i presented well, I don’t know what my teammates thought. I just hope I sounded smart enough to get a decent grade for my insignificant contribution. Presentations ended at around 12 and then the teachers r wanted to teach for another half hour. I couldn’t even manage to pay attention for that long. Can you believe it? I was just using my phone in the middle. I just paid attention in the end to make a decent impression. I’ve become very sneaky man, haha. Anyway, after that I was heading back home and witnessed the strongest rain I’d seen in Europe. It was still nothing compared to Delhi rains. I remembered I had to renew my data. It took me a while to figure out that to do, but I managed eventually. I went home and finished some of the stuff like my orange, carrot, bread and some of the milk. I had to cuz I was leaving for Italy! I finished packing and left to catch my train. Before I knew it I had reached memmingen where I was saw so much snow on the sides. Then I somehow managed to find the correct bus stop. I went from thinking I’ll miss my bus to waiting for 40 minutes for the bus. It was so fucking cold and I tried so hard not to cry the whole time haha. I was and still am scared that I’ll be homeless tonight and that something bad will happen because italy isn’t exactly the safest place. But I’m hoping everything will be fine. Right now I’m on the bus and it’s super comfy and nice. We crossed through Austria and Switzerland and it was so beautiful. We saw the snow capped mountains while the sun was setting behind them. Truly picturesque indeed. We’re passing through several tunnels now and I’m remembering last May when I was here with the whole family and we were driving everywhere on that Mercedes Benz bus haha. I can’t wait to reach Italy but I’m also really enjoying the journey. I’m sitting next to. This really nice woman who’s also going to Como alone. She seems a lot like me actually but that also means she won’t be too friendly and would be doubtful about committing to travel together or to meet in como. Haha.

Tbh rn I’m just hoping I don’t die and have a roof over my head at night, lol. The woman next to be assured me I’ll be fine. So let’s see. Carolyn scared me the pepper spray talk n all.

I just crossed the border. I’m officially in Italy! Yay! Technically I went to 4 countries today. That’s pretty crazy and productive I think.

Right before entering Italy I saw the beautiful city lights on the pitch black mountains. It was pretty awesome man. I’m reaching Como now woohoo!

I reached como and started my long walk to the hostel. I got lost for a bit and then I dropped my phone and the screen wasn’t fucking working. I was freaking out and I thought I would die. But at the back of my mind I thought that I’d be okay. I started to walk to the place where I thought the hostel would be and I found it. The lady was really nice and she didn’t judge me for being a baby and was quite supportive. I thought Oh my fucking God, my travel tickets, my hostel bookings, my camera, my source of communication, my emergency tool everything is gone. But then I tapped my phone on my hand and the screen started working again..

I sighed with relief, finished my payment for 3 nights and talked to the woman about what to do in como. I also had to pay 1,50€ to rent a towel because I didn’t read what was and wasn’t provided properly… I should do that.

Then I met my hostel roommate. She was really nice and she told me what all to do and see. Then I took a shower and went to bed.