29th April (Lake Como)

The day began at 7am, I got ready and my Chinese roommate, (who works in Munich) and I went to have our free breakfast. It was nice for a complimentary breakfast. There were some cakes, cornflakes, bread, orange juice and we even got a nice bread to eat. Along with all of that I had a cappuccino too. I tried to get as much value from my breakfast and then start the touring. I bought a bus pass from the hostel lady, (I think her name was Alice because the WiFi was called Alice followed by some numbers). I crossed the bus stop and looks for it like an idiot only to know that I had crossed it much before. Then I stood there waiting for my bus, that was also delayed like yesterday’s bus. And I was like mannnn. Then I sat on the bus and finally got my first glimpse of Lake Como. It was more beautiful than I expected. Then I reached Lenno. There I found these Russian people who were also going to Villa Balbianello. So I decided to follow them so that I could save my data and battery on my phone, haha. It was quite a hike up to the villa but it wasn’t as bad as what I’d read on TripAdvisor, lol. Then once I reached there I was happy to see that there was a student discount. I took the guided tour and garden ticket and spent the next few hours with a feeling of immense respect and a lot an inferiority complex. The guy who owned that 5 floor villa, Monzelo was his name I think. He had the most lavish house that he had decorated like a 100 years ago and even though it was totally out of style now, I wanted it so badly. I was so jealous of that guy, he didn’t have to work a day in his life. He sold his father’s business empire and just travelled and spent money his whole life. Now, that’s the life man. After that, I tried to find a beach. I saw one on maps.me and I thought I’ll go there and chill. I went there to find the saddest beach I’d ever seen. There was some guy who was relaxing there next to what I presumed to be his boat and le me, randomly standing on the side. It was just some tiny waves and 5 grains of ugly sand. Then I decided to go to Villa Carlotta. While walking towards the ferry stand I saw lots and lots of restaurants. I went to check the frequency of ferries. Since there was one every few minutes, I decided to have lunch. I went to the restaurant closest to the ferry and that had a killer view and ordered myself a prosciutto pizza. It was the first time I had dined alone in a proper restaurant. AND it had the best view!

I got the WiFi password and chilled there for a long time and then my pizza arrived. It was huge! And had 8 pieces. I ate 4 and it was such an emotional meal. It was my first meal alone and it was so yummy. I even burnt my mouth pretty badly because I ate too fast at first.

Then I carried the second half of the pizza and decided to have it for dinner. I was given a massive pizza box that I folded in half and stuffed in my bag somehow. That same pizza box later gave me a nice scar (first time I’m saying that). What better souvenir is there to remember Italy by? Who else can say they got cut by a pizza container? Haha.

Then I reached Villa Carlotta. And damn it was better than the first one and an entry fee of like one third of Balbianello. I had 2 hours there and it was really fun and pretty. I took a shit load of pictures and then went to the museum which I thought wasn’t free so I didn’t have enough time. It was really good, they had nice descriptions of the art pieces and sculptures as well. Then I ran and just caught the ferry back to Como. It was 2 hours of sheer beauty and extraordinary views. I barely sat for 5 minutes on the ferry. I wanted to stand in the sun near the edge of the ferry for the whole view. And it was an amazing feeling. I felt like my soul was being nourished felt beautiful too somehow. After that, I decided to walk around como and see what to do. I walked along the lake and found a few attractions and had the best Nutella Gelato everrrr. I hogged it and felt at peace.

While I was walking I found this cool memorial kind of thing. It had quotes from people who were killed from different countries. I wasn’t sure about what it was exactly. But it was really depressing to read those quotes.

Then I walked around more and found another lol beach and when I made fun of it, it got violent so I apologized. Then I started walking back to the hostel and decided to sit on one the lake facing benches and eat my dinner. I was eating my pizza and I saw the swans and ducks chilling so I decided to feed them the crust of one of the slices. They were Italian so I guess it’s not new for them! But it felt really good to feed them and then I finished my pizza and decided to head back to the hostel.

I reached the hostel and my phone went mental with notifications because I got WiFi. I met my roommate again and we showed each other our pictures from our day. I sat there for a long time and decided to go to Milan the next day and made some plans for that.