30th April (Milan, Como)

The morning of 30th April! It’s been a whole month in Europe and I cannot believe it. One third of this wild adventure is almost over. And I cannot believe it. I wish time could go slower when things are going good.

Anyway, so I woke up, had the same old breakfast and got ready to go to Milan! I walked along the lake to go to the station and saw that the lake was looking so different and there was much more movement. It looks too beautiful. That, along with the sound of church bells and I knew it was gonna be a good morning. I saw this really old man jogging and damn his stamina was probably better than I was. It gave me hope tho. Then I saw these people fishing on the lakeside and I was like omg this is the life.

Then I walked to the station and booked my ticket to Milan. I even helped this old guy book his ticket hehe. Then I saw that even my train got delayed! It was 3 delays in a row now and my impression of Italy’s time management skills was beginning to develop. I ate my bread and cheese on the train and listened to music. An hour later I was in milan and boy it was crowded. I went to sephora at the train station and tried on this awesome lip color. I thought that if it lasts long then I’ll buy it on my way back. Then after waiting forever I got my milan card which is basically a pass for all public transport and discount on some museums and lots of stuff. I had downloaded these free access vouchers and used on of them at the art museum. Then after the museum I started to look for the place where I was to redeem my free pizza + soft drink voucher.

Then I reached the city center and the weirdest stuff was happening. There were some random bands in the middle of nowhere and it was just so crowded (I hate crowds). And then out of the blue I hear some Punjabi song playing. I looked in the direction of the sound to see these sardars having the time of their life in the middle of the city centre doing bhangra! I lolled for a second and then began to look for my restaurant again. I had to be the one who got it. There were only 2 free accesses apparently. It was some weird rooftop restaurant. The way to reach it was incredibly strange with metallic stairways and bridges and God knows what. I reached somehow and to my surprise I actually got the fucking free pizza. And apparently it was the best pizzeria in milan. I had such a baller time with my Margherita and coke. The pizza was just out of this world. The cheese, the bread, the tomatoes and the basil were all amazing individually and especially together. I was in heaven. And the cherry on top was that it was free. I couldn’t believe it man. It was big but it was light and I was able to finish the whole thing.

After I came down from the restaurant, I saw Milan ka Ed Sheeran. He was sooooo good. He sang let her go as well. I had a blast (and tried to sing along). Then I bought a magnet and decided to visit the cathedral. Not only was there a paid entry but it was fucking crowded and I decided to get out of there after taking a few pictures. Then I decided to go see the Branca tower and the castle. The tower had a one hour wait so I left and the castle was very crowded and not very appealing either. But the way from branca Tower to the castle was awesome. People were all out in the sun and just relaxing. It was fun to see. I found this place near the castle with lots of grass and decided to lie down there. It was so relaxing and I was getting kinda irritated from. The crowds so I really needed it. I laid there in the sun and felt my irritable-ness disappear. I almost fell asleep there I was so warm and cosy. Then I decided to the planetarium. I reached there with some difficulty only to. Find out that I had missed the last show. I also really wanted Gelato but every place was either too expensive or too crowded so I thought I’d have it later. Then I roamed around Milan a little more and decided to just go back to Como and chill by the lake. It took me forever to find how to get back to Milano Centrale. I met this really extra sweet French woman who’d been living in milan for 3 years who told me to take the tram and guided me to the stop and waited with me too. She was really nice and that was refreshing. Then again, after some difficulties I managed to find and get on the train back to Como. I didn’t have enough time to buy the lipstick unfortunately, but I shall buy it sometime in the future.

Then I reached como and my quest to find Gelato continued. I failed miserably and felt like shit for some reason. The I decided to just go an splurge a little at one of the lakeside cafes. I bought a panini that had ham, tuna, anchovies, olives and mozzarella in it. That cheered me up quite a lot but I still felt the pain of the missing Gelato from my day. I think it was because. I was just so tired. After the awesome panini, I walked back to the hostel and chilled there for a while. Then I asked them if they had Gelato and to my surprise they actually did! I ordered a cherry Gelato and that just made everything okay and my day ended beautifully. I spoke to Shweta for more than an hour and I was so happy with how my day ended. I took a nice hot shower and went to sleep.