4th May (Heidenheim)

I woke up in the morning and this time I knew in advance that I didn’t have class. However, I had not exactly made any plans. I woke up and had waffles with nutella (oh nutella). Then i chilled for the longest time and then I had this awesome paprika salami and awesome cheese ka triple-decker sandwich and I rushed to German class that I had almost forgotten about. German class was decent. We were forced to pay 10 euros for some stupid books that we were gonna use to “learn German”. Paddy and I laugh a lot during class so the German teacher thought we were related and that was lol.

After class, I went to the aquarena finally and used my 10% off coupon and got a 1.5 hour pass. I jumped into the deep end of the pool and realised that I had kind of forgotten how to swim. I took me a while and ultimately I relearnt how to swim and for the first time I was succesfuly able to swim without goggles. I went to the jacuzzis, the waterslide and the sauna as well. I thought the sauna was included, but it wasn’t. So i had some trouble while I was exiting, but then they let me go after they probably judged the fuck out of me. But it’s okay I guess. I got to use the empty sauna for free at the end of the day. And I should take some advantage of being an “auslander” after all. I was pretty embarrassed but I’m so used to getting embarrassed all the time now that this was nothing new.

After that I walked back home and made some plans during the walk back. I talked to Tanimaa after a long time and then I washed my hair and tried to get ready but the stupid water from the swimming pool was stuck in my ear and refused to leave. I tried all kinds of shit and finally continued to fail. Backstroke is very relaxing and fun but damn it can screw up my ears. After that I had another kickass replica sandwich and went for my planss. (…)