Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend- a psychological take on humanity’s relationship with the so-called eternal companion

Yes, I am a dog owner. And like any other dog owner, I possess a deep affection, a fiercely protective and affectionate bond with my dog. I never really understood the term “ a dog is a man’s best friend” before I had one. It was just another generic saying , a quote within a pool of quotes in my brain. Only now, a of couple years after adopting an energetic and robust Australian Cattledog from the pet store, do I truly understand the meaning of that saying. Essentially, the quote encompasses the loyalty and unconditional love that dogs possess for humans. But why did it come about it in the first place? What motivated the thinking of that quote? Why do dog owners across the globe embrace such a saying, agree without a second thought about its meaning? What is the driving force that unites all dog owners and future dog owners? And the answer, ladies and gentlemen, I postulate is loneliness. This is a simple response perhaps, but I beg to differ. For we are all lonely in our own ways-some more evident than others, but nevertheless we are all lonely. As humans, we are constantly seeking mutual understanding, whether that be through family, friends, lovers, strangers. We are so encapsulated in our own worlds and thoughts that it is a necessity to have some sort of reliable support system. Some of us are lucky enough to discover that support system, and some of us are not. What dog owners receive as a support system, however, is unusual yet idealistic. Unusual, in that the relationship developed with a dog is of no understanding and total understanding. The dog does not seek out reasons for your current state of being, but it completely senses your every emotion. Idealistic, in that no matter the situation, a seemingly infinite expression of compassion, affection, and dedication is provided. What makes the relationship even more extraordinary is the extent to which dogs display their love. We simply house them, feed them, play with them, and walk them. Nothing more. Arguably, we serve our fellow humans more than we do our dogs. And yet they remain the faithful and obedient creatures they are. Dogs provide a relationship no human could ever achieve. Thoughtful inference and unconditional sensitivity are two qualities that us lonely humans strive for and receive, through our dogs. No wonder they’re our best friends.

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