Up Your Bag Style

Indians don’t fear their exams half as much as they fear their exam results. For in a country where a poor academic result in board exams is marked as the end of a professional career, each child sure has a set fear in his mind- the fear of failure. June is usually the month where myriad prayers and a thousand hopes are put to test; and after it has blossomed into fruitful results, the toil doesn’t end there.

Teenagers would be lying if they would say that they are excited to go to the college of their dreams solely for education purposes. Outside of parting knowledge, the institution becomes a platform to socialise and flaunt one’s fashion- be it about clothes or bags, everybody is excited to go to college sporting the trendiest look; all set to slay. Worrying about getting into the best college is just one half of the equation- what clothes or bags you’re going to wear is the other half.
Read on as we sort you out on the other half. Here are a few tips that will help you pick the most suited, trend-setting deal for your next milestone of life:

1) Messenger Bags: Often called as the elder brother of our dear old sling bags, these have now become an urban fashion icon, preferred by men and women alike. It is a type of a sack usually made out of cloth that is worn diagonally across the shoulders, resting the bag below the hip. From books to laptops and other electronics, these are the perfect carryalls for every occasion. Flaunt them at college or impress the girl next to you in the gym- more power to you!

2) Duffel Bags: When you have to shoulder more responsibilities, you need to ensure the grip is firm. These duffle bags prove to be quite an epitome of sturdy and style. Aside from being able to carry it all around the city, the duffels promise to take away your travel woes from you through your bags. So, you can take them for a trek, too. Browse Wildcraft for online bags shopping and choose best for you.

3) Backpacks: When the going gets tough, the tough get going. These backpacks fit the saying as perfectly as they fit your shoulders. For college, tuitions and those sudden trips to Lonavala, these travel backpacks can be your best college life companion. They suit your style and pockets alike.

4) Sling Bags: These bags are a popular choice for those on the look for a durable yet fashionable bag. These bags ideally fit the purpose of a casual brunch, a movie or a bunk followed by a cute date. These bags will speak volumes for your style, without speaking anything at all.

Have you picked your college bag online, yet?