Are you Secure? All you need to know on DEFCON Happenings

With all the digitization, mobile apps, websites and latest technologies like IoT and Bots, the advancement in the real-life scenarios have been infinite. Things are evolving with new concepts being delivered as web platforms, mobile apps, SAAS based cloud solutions and much more. People love it and why they shouldn’t; their life is getting easier day by day.

There always have been two sides of humans from very beginning on evolution, constructive and the destructive side; remember the childhood cartoon movie with more powerful villains than our super heroes. Now, we have the digital companies who are adding value to the digital world and the hacker community, who are finding ways to steal user data and corrupt the systems.

Coming to the event, every year the hacker community from around the globe comes together to crack some of the most complex security systems at DEFCON. DEFCON is one of the biggest black-hat annual conventions, organized annually in LA, Nevada. The four day conference from 4th to 8th of August revolves around cyber security, identification of new flaws, finding vulnerabilities, writing exploits, and deploying patches within competitor‘s systems.

The event is organized at the Paris Hotel and Conference Center where seven teams are competing for the Cyber Grand Challenge (CGC). The job is to exploit opponent’s software without being getting exploited themselves, sounds simple but the competition is steel-nut with a winning amount of 2 Million USD.

Every day the team enters with a fresh mind having no clue of the jobs to be done, the hacking task is shared just before the session start and the guidelines of scoring is not shared, to push teams to be as versatile and aggressive as possible.

The event is live streamed on CGC website for interested developer community to learn on how they can find loopholes in the security of applications and patch the gaps to build securer projects.

In a recent interview with Vikas Dhar, Head of Android Projects at Mobiloitte, on the security of data in Android apps he said, “Yes, Android OS is comparatively vulnerable to hack, but with the release of new OS versions Google is continuously improving security of the mobile platform.” He added, “Android Nougat looks better than the predecessor in terms of the security flaws but when it comes to building IoT app, this will be completely different scenario. Encryption is the next big thing in apps, and people need to learn how to leverage it to build secure solutions”.

DEFCON has been a perfect place to learn more on hacks and improving security of system, mobile/web applications and cloud storage. The conference has been full of speakers talking on computer security and cracking algorithms for varied attendees including hackers (obviously), students, government employees, professionals, lawyers, and journalists.

Open for the fresh and geek minds, the attendees need to be 18 legally to attend the event. To me the main attraction of the workshop other than security/hacking is the revolution of technology moving towards IoT & Bots, and the security concerns and fixes around.


The award of 2 Million Dollars at DEFCON is a great attraction for encouraging factor for professional hackers. We definitely will have more applications next year.

The 24 years old event shows us more ways of how an application can be breached and ways to patch the system. The breaches are worked upon over the time (sometimes it even takes years of efforts) to keep user data secure.

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