A Book Review

Charge of an Angel by Linda Wattley

Lotuses grow in shallow and murky waters. The plant has its roots firmly in the mud. The leaves, sometimes, and the Lotus flower, ALWAYS, rise above the water surface. And so it is with some human beings, their glowing presence seldom reveal the hidden, nameless sadness within.

While it is a sad story about little children whose innocence does not allow their minds to even acknowledge the atrocities meted out to them, the narration is pleasant. As a reader I did feel sorrowful through out. Having said that, there is an underlying positive tone that leads the reader to trust that things are going to end well for the girls.

It is a very well written story that draws the reader into the ‘house’ at Akron and the ‘Home’ at Columbus. It is, I am sure, an eye opener to those who carry on living a life as they know it, unaware that freedom lies just the other side of their front door.

I loved reading the sensitively written story.