Software Engineering is different from Programming
Samer Buna

Interesting question could be what is the role of software engineer in a company of size XYZ.

In current agile age it really should not be developers job to set acceptance scenarios and test cases which need software to pass on higher level. Yes, they need to implement them and cut to smaller pieces to test unit chunks, but tasks/stories whatever should be complete enough before starting working on them.

This could be the root cause of many missed deadlines where new behaviours need to be implemented cause management expects feature behave one way which was not documented, so it is not new feature (cause sprint is already running) but just some little behaviour change.

After working as senior dev and later consultant to help with formulating requirements and cooperation of teams on planning I would say these functions are covered in more positions in standard agile development.

So they could be cut between QA, Solution architects, Product managers, Designers and developers. Finding sweet spot is quite hard and need to be reflected during hiring phase.

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