Private Sale Rounds Sold Out

Upcoming Community Rounds & Public Rounds

The ShoeFy Community round kicked off yesterday, Oct. 11, starting with PolkaBridge, where it was sold out in just 3 minutes. In total, the SHOE initial DEX offering (IDO) is being carried out across seven different launchpads. Today, ShoeFy had an impressivedual IDOs on Moon Starter and MultiPad. MoonStarter was sold out within the first 55 seconds and MultiPad was sold out in under 5 seconds of its round 2. Tomorrow, the third day of IDO will be on two more launchpads, DuckStarter and KwikStarter. The last day, Oct 14, is Oxbull and TruePNL.

What is ShoeFy? And what is different about the ShoeFy platform?

The sNFT is the shoe NFT, a collection of 10,000 unique digital shoes powered by the four elements. Three thousand of these sNFTs will be minted first as the genesis batch, after which the remaining 7000 will be farmed from the ShoeFy platform by staking $SHOE tokens in the farming pools. The platform also features an sNFT staking facility where users can stake their sNFTs and earn passive income in the form of $SHOE tokens. In addition to the sNFT pool, farming pools, and conventional staking, we will debut the sLP or shoe liquidity pool token. The sLP consists of the first NFT/FT pairs of sNFT/$SHOE pairs. When liquidity providers stake sLP tokens on ShoeFy, they will earn $SHOE tokens in the process.

Thank you!

Today we would like to give a huge thank you to our partners and investors who can see the vision of the ShoeFy platform. Your support and eagerness to spread the word to your networks about our complete DeFi Toolset is appreciated, and with your support, we will be able to bring new tools to our DeFi pioneers.

ShoeFy $SHOE Public Sale

After smashing the success of the private sale rounds, We had PolkaBridge sold out in less than 3 minutes yesterday, Oct 11. Today, MultiPad sold out in 5 seconds of round 2 and MoonStarter sold out in 55 seconds. We now have 4 more launchpads to go. Follow our social channels to make sure you can get in on the community round, tune in with notifications turned on, and follow our partners for other exciting news in the DeFi community.



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Contemporary way of repositioning the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in an unprecedented method with the help of Fungible Tokens (FT)