The six very simple ways to check “Super Bowl tickets” off your bucket list

1) Set up a meeting with the trustee of your trust fund. We know you might be a little cash strapped this fall after a crazy summer in the Hamptons but what’s another couple thousand to shell out for the big game? Wait, you don’t have a trust fund? Oh. Onto the next option then.

2) Skip the family dinners and the nights out with your friends for ramen and PB&J for a few months. “Family, schmamly”, right? Plus, are those guys really your friends anyway? You actually enjoy eating a home cooked meal with your wife and kids? What are you, a bandwagon fan or something?

3) Sneak into the local country club locker room and make friends with all the rich, old guys who probably have tickets. Note: trespass at your own risk.

4) You could probably get away with skipping rent payments until spring. Your landlord won’t mind, I’m sure. That money should cover at least half the cost of a nosebleed ticket that you hope isn’t fake.

5) Check out tickets on the secondary market. Just make sure you take a loan first. Do they have secondary market loans yet? If not, they should. Then maybe get a second loan to cover the secondary market fees.

6) Then there’s ShooWin. We offer access to tickets and exclusive hospitality you can’t get from anyone else today. You could choose one of the five very simple and affordable options above or you can bid in ShooWin’s Super Bowl auction market where you get to pick the price you want to pay and you get to bid specifically on your team. No overpaying, no risking your team not making it and being stuck with tickets, and guaranteed authentic tickets. You have to be at the Super Bowl when your team makes it. You’ve been waiting forever and now’s your chance to witness history!

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