You’re telling me I can’t get affordable tickets because of some robots?


It’s not exactly a hot take to say the advancement of technology, particularly in the past ten years, has been a net positive for society. One area, though, where technology actually complicates the industry is with ticketing. Yes, you can now buy tickets on your phone when you want and where you want and it takes just seconds. But at what cost? And yes, you can get tickets to a lower demand game now at a better price than you may have been able to years ago, but does that solve the bigger problem, which is access to high demand events?

Back to robots. So robots are making it unaffordable for you and pretty much everyone else to attend their bucket list events. Scalpers and brokers have created loopholes, like robot ticket programs that snatch up hundreds, sometimes thousands of tickets within seconds of going on sale. Ever try to get tickets during a presale or as soon as they go on sale to the general public? Curious why your 10:00 AM presale for Cubs postseason tickets or the Warriors home opener is sold out immediately even though you had been waiting on the website for 30 minutes beforehand? Greedy brokers have created bots that take all of the inventory immediately and then within minutes, the tickets are all uploaded to various secondary market sites at five times the price they were originally priced and purchased.

Wait, isn’t this illegal? It is but that hasn’t exactly changed the result. Within the last six year, New York made ticket bots illegal and shortly after, it was acted on nationally. That’s certainly a great first step, but unfortunately that can’t be the end all be all. Fortunately, you have ShooWin! We’re doing our part to get Real Fans™ access to Real Prices. With us, you lock them in months and months before the event to avoid last minute scrambling and know that you’re getting authentic tickets.

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