NAM Member Spotlight: Toyota Production System Strengthens U.S. Disaster Resilience

St. Bernard Project (SBP) and Toyota Build on Hurricane Katrina Recovery Effort with Expanded Partnership to Strengthen U.S. Disaster Resilience

In addition to the innovative automobiles manufactured by Toyota, did you know the company is also helping to expedite disaster recovery across the country?

Although it has been 10 years since Hurricane Katrina, more than 5,000 families in New Orleans are still waiting to return to home. Additionally the number of billion-dollar natural disasters in the U.S. continues to rise, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI).

In response, Toyota partnered with St. Bernard Project (SBP), the national disaster recovery and resiliency organization, and AmeriCorps members to serve low- to moderate-income homeowners who cannot afford to rebuild. SBP has rebuilt more homes for families impacted by natural disasters than any other non-profit since it was founded in 2006, and that success is largely due to its partnership with Toyota.

The automaker’s Toyota Production System (TPS) successfully cut the time it took to rebuild a house to 62 days, half of what it had been and at half the cost private contractors would charge. Toyota recently entered into an expanded agreement with SBP and will fund the non-federal portion of SBP’s national AmeriCorps program for three years, including the TPS training of 140 AmeriCorps members in New Orleans, New York, New Jersey, and many other communities. Additionally, Toyota’s three-year, five-million-dollar investment in SBP will fund a fleet of vehicles for SBP’s national disaster recovery efforts.

Six years after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, thousands of people still had not been able to return to their homes. One nonprofit home rebuilding group that had been attacking this dire situation was the St. Bernard Project (SBP).

Toyota’s manufacturing experience and innovative mindset helps organizations become more effective, maximize resources and improve quality and safety; and their efforts are improving disaster recovery efforts and communities all over the country.

For more information on Toyota’s partnership with the St. Bernard Project (SBP) and commitment to improving communities nationwide, visit

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