7 best places to get free and paid Shopify support to help you grow your store
Jonathan Kennedy

Great article Jon! For those just getting started with Shopify or looking for a redesign, another great free resource is the Free Shopify Setup & Design provided by ShopaFree.me

Revenue is based solely on the Shopify Partner Commission, not your sales.

Full disclosure, I’m the founder.

Here are several sites we’ve designed and setup (all free) :

Currently we’re about 9 weeks out for new free engagements, or you can get started immediately by purchasing a FastPass.

For more info or to jump in the queue, hit the link > http://shopafree.me/

p.s. We also run a highly curated (no-spam or advertising allowed) Shopify Facebook group called Shopify FREEsources. As the name suggests, only free information and resources are allowed.

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