Shopin Continues to Make Blockchain History: Sweeps Awards, Increases Backers List, and Extends Product Roadmap into 2019

Question: Which company was named “Best ICO” at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami where Ethereum won the same award and launched?

Answer: Shopin. And it’s just the beginning!

Building on our rapid trajectory from launch in February 2017 to present day, the Shopin Team is in the middle of a high-octane summer, and we have lots of exciting news and progress to share with our community, participants, and supporters.

As we continue our passionate mission to create an enriched retail economy that empowers retailers to become stronger by working together and rewards shoppers based on the data that they fully own and control, Shopin raised more than $40 million during a successful Token Generation Event that ended on April 30 and placed us among the most successful TGEs in cryptocurrency history.

A Super Star List of Backers

We could not have accomplished this incredible momentum without the hard work and dedication of our A-list backers from Block One Capital, Nima Capital, Passport Capital, Traub Capital, Lydian Capital, Krowdmentor, Elcap, Genesis Block, Gambit, ICO Syndicate, Ampli Capital, Tom Gonser (founder of DocuSign), and the Chicago Crypto Fund, to name just a few.

Partnerships in Development

Shopin continues to nurture many fast-moving partnership developments with some of the world’s largest brands, including two large retail brands in the UAE, and the continued support and partnership of Marvin Traub Associates and their far-reaching retail and business connections all over the world.

The Wallet Hack and Token Swap Solution

We launched our Token Swap in mid-July to protect token participants, combat and thwart bad actors involved in a syndicate wallet hack earlier this month, and set a tone to restore security and transparency in the industry-wide TGE process by saving the funds of more than 3,000 Japanese participants. For those of you who didn’t hear the news about the wallet hack, you can read about it here and here, and feel free to ask us any questions on our Telegram channel or contact us directly at

Shopin Making Headlines

We continue to pick up press mentions all over the media map. Eran Eyal, our fearless CEO and Founder, recently returned from a trip to Korea where he’s building powerful relationships within the retail and fashion world, and our amazing tech team continues to build out Shopin’s GDPR-compliant technology solution to new and innovative heights.

Shopin is making headlines and getting coverage in many of the world’s major press outlets, ranging from Forbes, Bloomberg, and Reuters, to CNBC, Business Insider, and TD Ameritrade, to name just a few. And this is just the tip of the media iceberg!

Forbes recently featured Eran and the Shopin business model in a piece titled “Three Breakthroughs That Will Disrupt the Tech World in 2019,” in which the writer, Gideon Kimbrell, described blockchain as the future of data security and privacy, and how our universal Shopper Profile is redefining the role of user data control and ownership as a benefit for both retailers and shoppers.

A Master of Blockchain

Eran also got some major sunshine recently for his incredible work as an entrepreneur in the tech, blockchain, and A.I. space in Andrew Roman’s insightful and well-researched book “Masters of Blockchain & Initial Coin Offerings.”

The spotlight on Eran talked about the early days of Shopin and how his two cofounders, Divakar Rayapaty and Jeremy Harkness, solved some of Shopin’s initial business challenges by leveraging blockchain technology. The author went into details on the trials of raising capital, how Eran successfully built and continues to grow a solid community of supporters, and the process behind launching and concluding a successful ICO in the complex and heady world of cryptocurrency.

Our Technology Thrives

On the tech development and innovations front, we recently released a preview of some of our tech innovations on GitHub on the heels of a third-party audit performed by a representative from Novoa Media. The audit, while mostly internal, included aspects of Shopin’s A.I., personalization algorithms, and back-end software as examples of the significant product development milestones Shopin is spearheading for the technology and crypto communities.

“We’re doing very important blockchain and A.I. development at Shopin,” Jeremy said. “There is a balance of showing transparency and also retaining some of the proprietary stuff we have spent time and capital building. We are leveraging GitHub just like everyone else is, but we are doing some specialized work that we must keep private for the immediate time being. That said, people are always welcome to go see the open source code of the projects we support.”

Under Divakar and Jeremy’s leadership, the Shopin engineering and development team continues to fire away on cylinders and recently extended our Product Roadmap up to 2019 as we pave the way for Shopin’s official launch in Q4.

An Accountable and Attestable Utility

Shopin also officially demonstrated Proof of Concept (POC) in April when the company’s engineers and technologists were able to prove its function as an accountable and attestable utility that can move between a retailer and a Shopin user as intended.

“We have now proved that Shopin can move tokens on and off the Ethereum network through an Atomic swap,” said Jeremy. “By establishing this critical POC, we are showing the rest of the world that we can move something that functions fully as a utility into a tech stack that allows retailers and consumers to transact with those tokens with much higher throughput. There is no waiting time for the retailer or the shopper, who is instantly rewarded for engaging with a retailer’s advertising, engaging in loyalty incentives, and redeeming tokens against recommended product purchases. This confirms the Shopin model and will enable us to scale very quickly at this point.”

A Sweep of Industry Awards

On the awards front, we continue to get wonderful and encouraging acknowledgement for how Shopin is leveraging blockchain and A.I. to completely transform and revolutionize the way shoppers and retailers interact with one another.

We kicked off the summer season by being named the “Most Promising ICO of 2018” at Bitcoinference, Brussels’ premier blockchain and finance event of the year. Shopin was chosen from a select group of 25 highly original companies ranging from next-gen hardware solutions to digital device technology. The event focused on how blockchain and emerging technology are transcending many of the world’s business institutions.

Shopin is also the winner of the “Best ICO” at the North American Bitcoin Conference, Coinagenda Global, and the “Top 5 ICO” at d10E Seoul and Davos.

Our Team Advances

As we continue our momentum in assembling one of the sharpest, most accomplished teams in the industry, we recently brought on seasoned tech veteran Jennifer Haggerty as our COO. Jennifer began her career working at major investment banks in NYC raising capital for companies in the public markets and executing M&A transactions. She joined online ad tech company DoubleClick (now owned by Google) in Corporate Development and led the raise of more than $1 billion capital in the public markets and over $1 billion in M&A transactions, extending DoubleClick’s leadership and innovation in the early days of online advertising.

As our marketing needs ramp up, we recently brought on Leigh Ferreira to spearhead new marketing initiatives and brand strategy.

A longtime tech-savvy marketing star with years of experience in consumer marketing, advertising, and branding with an emphasis on web/mobile, social media, video and content partnerships/distribution, Leigh brings tremendous talent and resources to the Shopin Team. Leigh has worked with brands such as Apple, Capital One, Facebook, General Mills, harman/kardon, JP Morgan Chase, Mattel (Barbie, MyScene, Mattel Corporate), TED, Visa, and Pokémon, to name just a few.

Shopin Korea Expands

During his week-long visit, Eran also spent valuable time with Shopin’s Korea team, handpicked for their combined retail, financial, and cryptocurrency expertise.

Heather joins Shopin with more than a decade of experience in the financial and business development sectors starting with a decade at Merrill Lynch, and then as VP at HSBC before becoming a lead BD executive at Daewoo Securities. She then struck out to become a successful entrepreneur where she leverages her years of experience and powerful corporate connections in the region.

Pierre is an importer of luxury products in Korea with deep relationships throughout the region and decades of entrepreneurial and business development experience, and Eugene is a former partner of investor George Soros and the owner of private equity firm Eos Partners. Fun fact: Jeff Bezos once approached Eugene to head up Amazon Korea.

A Global Footprint

With our team spread out all over the world — from Canada, India, Russia, Korea, Tel Aviv, New York, Los Angeles, and Boston — the Brooklyn Shopin crew took a moment to give a shout out to all of you for your enduring support!

We urge you to stay in touch with us as we continue our exciting journey. You can follow our news and the Shopin conversation through the following outlets: Twitter, Facebook,LinkedIn, Reddit, Steemit, and YouTube.

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