Case Study: Sleep Champ Baby

New parents are often overwhelmed with well-meaning advice on how to care for their little ones. Everyone has an opinion, from the random shopper in the mall to the vegetable seller at the market. So what’s a confused parent to do? Luckily, entrepreneurs like Sarah Ong have figured out how to provide credible advice and support online.

Sarah Ong is a certified sleep consultant. Photo credit: Sleep Champ Baby

Sleep Champ Baby was set up in 2012 by Sarah Ong, a certified child sleep consultant based in Malaysia. Most of Sarah’s business is conducted online, with Pocketbook supporting and automating various tasks behind the scenes.

Sleep Champ Baby website (Left). Pocketbook gives Sarah a view of all her completed sales orders (Right).

After an initial phone consultation with her clients, Sarah will send out an email to book their appointments. Once they have done that, clients will receive a link to purchase their consultation package through Pocketbook.

Quick Buy automates the online purchasing process.

Pocketbook generates a receipt and emails the payment confirmation to her clients automatically. At the same time, Sarah will receive a notification on her phone, informing her of the successful payment. She will also receive an email for her records.

Sarah gets notified when there’s a successful payment.

Recognising the benefits of automating basic operational tasks, Sarah decided to use the Pocketbook plug-in with her second e-commerce venture — Easy Peasy Sleepytime. Easy Peasy Sleepytime provides high quality videos that addresses common sleep challenges experienced by parents. Parents gain unlimited access to these videos by purchasing a lifetime membership.

The Easy Peasy Sleeptime website uses the Pocketbook plug-in to provide secure access to the videos.

The Pocketbook plug-in powers the online purchase journey, automating the payment process, generating invoices and receipts for each client without Sarah having to do anything manually. Sarah also receives updated membership information on the Pocketbook app instantly.

A receipt is sent automatically via Pocketbook.

By getting tedious tasks out of the way, Sarah is able to spend more time on consulting; instead of getting tied up with paperwork.

Awww…Babies are so adorable when they’re asleep.

“It was the capability to accept online payments with lower fees that first caught my attention about Pocketbook. The app is straightforward and user-friendly. I’m able to track and view secured payments from my clients on my mobile. Also, the payments are released on a weekly basis with a summary report. The team is helpful, responsive and I felt supported 👏🏻👏🏻 I’m now looking forward to explore more optimisation and automation for my growing business with the team.” — Sarah Ong, Founder of Sleep Champ Baby

When sleep issues are resolved, parenting is less stressful and more fun! Photo credit: Sarah Ong

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Originally published at on October 31, 2016.

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