Unlocking Labor and Skills Data for America

Shorenstein Center
Mar 5, 2015 · 3 min read

A Roundtable Discussion with Business and Policy Leaders

By Aneesh Chopra and Nick Sinai
Walter Shorenstein Media and Democracy Fellows

Job creation has been a priority of the Obama administration — the U.S. has seen over 10 million jobs created since President Obama took office. To aid these largely private sector efforts, the administration has worked to make federal job training programs that serve over 21 million Americans every year better able to train and match Americans into good jobs that employers need to fill. And in 2014, Vice President Biden convened the innovation community to explore creative uses of labor market information — and led a brainstorming session (“data jam”) to explore ideas for new tools for American workers.

Building on the Vice President’s efforts, last week here at Harvard we hosted a roundtable discussion with a team of public servants, data scientists, entrepreneurs, and academics to explore how data innovation can improve matchmaking between American employers, job seekers, and training programs.

The group discussed three primary ideas, and is eager to explore them further:

The session sparked a series of ongoing conversations that continued beyond the roundtable, and a number of participants are working to develop a set of near-term next steps that we hope to share publicly — stay tuned!
We would like to personally thank all of the talented leaders who participated in this important discussion. Roundtable participants included:

Aneesh Chopra and Nick Sinai
Walter Shorenstein Media and Democracy Fellows
Shorenstein Center for Media, Politics and Public Policy
Harvard Kennedy School

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