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Shorts TV
Jan 29, 2018 · 2 min read

ShortsTV’s resident Director and Producer, Max Clendaniel, has recently made a short film called ‘Nonsense’ that screened at the 2018 London Short Film Festival. Here, he tells us about the sense behind Nonsense…

‘Nonsense’ is a surreal comedy set in a world where people can be born without human senses. One day, one of our leads buys an experimental kit where he can have senses for the first time.

I came up with the idea after moving from a small town in Kent to the bustling city of London. All of my senses felt on full blast as my personal and professional life had suddenly become very busy.

It was only when I was back in the quiet countryside did I feel I could appreciate the little things in life again. That was the message of the film, to celebrate the little things in life and to be rewarded by doing so (in other words, stop and smell the roses…which our characters literally do in one scene.)

It’s definitely the most ‘arty’ film I’ve ever done and I was nervous stepping out of my comfort zone. In the past I’ve always made comedic films carried by its dialogue and I wanted to challenge myself by having the jokes come from the physicality of the performers. That’s why although there is dialogue, it is performed through sign language.

In the end, I decided to take the risk and make the short film I wanted. Because to me, that’s what the format is meant for. A chance to practice new ideas and practice new techniques that can be applied to bigger projects in the future.

That’s ultimately what I took away from the project. I was able to enhance my knowledge of physical comedy and how to set up the rules of a surreal idea into a situation that is clear for an audience.

Watch the full film above and let Max know what you think on our Twitter and Facebook!

Originally published at ShortsTV.

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