Queen B

When life hands you lemonade, tell everyone else to shut the fuck up.

Beyonce’s new album is everything and more. She calls out the harsh stereotypes women face in our larger society. Calls out to the struggle of women in every day life. And calls out the barriers we face despite social class and race.

“What’s worse, lookin’ jealous or crazy? Or like being walked all over lately”

All the single (and not single) women, put your hands up if you have ever been called crazy by a guy. For the entirety of our relationship, my ex would only refer to his ex as a crazy girl. In the abysmal pit of our breakup after three years, I suddenly had a revelation- this other girl was probably never crazy. Crazy is an adjective that is habitually used to describe women. Beyonce points out that often times, the “crazy” is in response to feeling like our emotionally incapable partners are cheating or losing interest or lacking respect. So what is our choice? to be called crazy or to be walked all over…. her strong response: rather be called crazy.

“Daddy Issues” takes us down dark memories of a father abandoning his family, but not before first warning about men like him. However, the most powerful part of the song is the title. It say, look this is a thing that happens and there should be no stigma for it.

Beyonce teaches us that we should stop being ashamed for who we are, but there is a more important message- we shouldn’t let the labels society diminishes us with to define us.

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