Triage, white women. Triage.
Cynthia McCabe

Pop quiz: In this effed up world in which we live, how much does a woman earn on the dollar, compared to a man?
If you answered somewhere in the neighborhood of 78 cents, you are almost certainly white. Because black women earn about 65 cents on the dollar. Latina women earn only 58 cents.

Heyo, even going by the specific set of data you’re looking at, this still isn’t right. These are not earnings compared to “a” man. They are earnings compared to WHITE men. White women statistically out-earn Black men and Latino men.

But that doesn’t change the takeaway that people who have privilege on other axes of oppression need to stop co-opting statistics that don’t belong to us, start pointing out the intersecting identities that actually drive those numbers, and follow where those people lead.