How to Get the Best Graphic Designs for Your Business in Your Budget

So you’re striking out on your own, putting up a company, starting a business. Being your own boss, owning your own hours, can be a dream. Handling every aspect of your business, though, might not be.

On Marketing Your Brand

To attract sales and get your business off the ground, you’ll want to advertise. You’ll want to market your product or service.

You’ll need a logo, for one. Brochures, for sure. Icons that you can use to build awareness for your brand, those are important too. If you can take care of the content, then great. But what about the rest?

You need a designer. But what do you do when you haven’t got oodles of money? If you don’t really have the shekels to pay for professional designers who’ve been around in the industry for six to ten glorious years?

With crowdsourcing platforms, you won’t have to worry. Just sign up and you’ll get the best graphic designs for your business, at a price that fits your budget.

Major Advantages of Crowdsourcing for Your Business

1 .Low rates

You spend so much less on a logo or design. That’s the money you can use for other things or one you can funnel back into the business. In a young business or a start-up like yours, when the threat of bankruptcy looms large as ever and financial stability seems like a piper’s dream, every bit helps. Every penny counts. That’s why getting graphic designs that won’t stretch your budget thin and leave you operating in the red is all kinds of great.

2. Instant access to a community of designers

Signing up for crowdsourcing platforms such as Designhill also means you get access to a community of Designhill graphic designers. That’s a pool of designers you won’t have to find on your own. With crowdsourcing sites, access is quick, easy and convenient.

3. Variety of designs

When you ask a freelance artist for case studies, you most often get three or four such case studies. That’s the norm. When you ask creative agencies, they’ll do the same. But what if you want more? Then crowdsourcing is perfect for you.

When it comes to crowdsourcing platforms, you’ll definitely have more than one or ten case studies to choose from. And while it goes without saying that dull, boring designs will find their way into the pile, some two or more entries, shiny with real talent, will be there too. It’s the principle of variables at work. With that many entries in a pile, you’re likely to get a few good to great ones in there too.

4. Timely submissions

When dealing with freelance designers and agencies, deadlines are a sore subject. Some agencies take weeks before they get the work back to you. Some freelancers are often late. But with crowdsourcing, you won’t have a problem getting your designs right when you want and need them. Set the date and watch the whole thing come to a head. And because you set the deadline, it’s going to be easy for you to work around your schedule. That’s a big departure from working with freelancers and agencies, which often require you to adjust to their schedules and timetables.

The Handy Side Benefits of Crowdsourcing for You

Aside from major perks — like hitting the ballpark on your budget — there are quite a few handy side benefits from crowdsourcing that no one else seems to be mentioning. These are:

  1. A taste of managerial experience

If you’ve never spearheaded a team or group ever before, using a crowdsourcing site is going to give you a taste of it. From managing entries to talking to individual designers, giving feedback and keeping track of the entries, there’s a quite a lot of things for you to learn. Take advantage of the experience. As a business owner, you can bet it’ll come in handy.

2. Learning mentorship

Whenever you give feedback, there’s an immediate relationship that springs up between you and the designer. It’s one built on trust. The designer should trust your judgment enough to accept the truth of whatever feedback, comment or criticism you throw his/her way. You learn to be more careful about how you phrase a comment. Your aim is to help the designer improve. And by doing so, improve your own skills at mentoring in the process.

3. People skills

Interacting with different designers can be exhausting. The great thing you get out of all that, though, is the experience. Interact with as many designers as you want. Learn how to cope with different people, how to relate to them, how to make a connection. Because heading a business means you’ll always have to deal with people. Honing your people skills through crowdsourcing is a great way to prepare you for that.

Overall, crowdsourcing not only offers you the best way to get great designs at prices you love, you also get to learn skills you’ll find useful to help get your business off the ground.

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