It’s All About Promoting Yourself

So often we forget that every communication we have in this business is an opportunity to remind people who we are, what we do and what we want.

A young writer I know recently sent me an update about what he was doing — and in one short eMail he missed three opportunities to promote himself. He told me the name of the production company he’s now working for, but assumed I would know the names of the director and producer behind it. He could have just added a simple parenthesis “Hot Production Company” (Joe Blow & Jane Doe’s company) which would have told me immediately how well he was doing. Alternatively, he could have made the name of the company a hyperlink so I could click on it to see what they’re currently doing. Finally, his signature line could have had a link to his Kindle Single…yet another way to let me know he’s working, he’s visible, and he’s on his way.

None of that is braggadocio. They’re all simple, low-key ways we can keep doing the one thing we all have to do in this business: promote ourselves.


Marc Pariser is Founder and CEO of ShowBizCentral. He has been a packaging agent representing writers, directors, producers, comedians, production companies and executives at the world’s leading agencies, including the William Morris Agency and Creative Artists Agency.

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Originally published at on September 14, 2015.