On Your Marc: How do I get an agent?

On Your Marc: Answers to your show business questions from ShowBizCentral CEO Marc Pariser

How do I get an agent?

It’s the most common question I’m asked. But my response is always, “Is that the right question?” One of the most important ways to figuring out how to get signed by an agent, indeed to getting anything you want in life, is to ask the right questions. By asking a different question, one is likely to get a much different response. Most of the answers you’re likely to get from asking, “How do I get an agent?” will instead give you ideas about how to meet an agent. Answers such as “network with industry people” or “find someone who knows an agent and have them introduce you” or “send query letters.” Meeting an agent and getting signed by an agent aren’t the same thing…and one doesn’t automatically lead to the other.

Instead of “how can I get an agent?” how about “what does an agent look for in a new client?” Ask this of anyone who understands the agency business and you’re likely to get a list of characteristics that agents look for when signing someone new.

– Marc

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As an agent at William Morris and CAA, Marc Pariser represented writers, directors, producers, production companies, comedians, actors, and executives during his own extremely successful career.

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Originally published at motionpictureprofessionals.com on July 9, 2015.