What is the most important element of a successful career in Show Business?

…Jobs…being involved in productions that get in front of an audience.

How do you get jobs??

Find projects that are casting or hiring…get yourself in front of people who hire so they’ll think of you in the future when they hire next…

ShowBizCentral can help you find jobs and help you present yourself to casting directors, producers, and hiring executives in an effective way, and by being in our database you are available online so those people can find you when they do a talent search on ShowBizCentral.

If you are currently subscribing to several sites to find job postings, why not come to ShowBizCentral, where we aggregate postings from 15 different online resources. Over time we will be expanding these postings and including mainstream jobs that are currently not posted anywhere online.

Our custom Portfolio template is like no other available online. When you email your Portfolio to anyone from ShowBizCentral, this is what the recipient sees:

ShowBizCentral.com Portfolio

The email recipient can save your email and when they open it 6 months later, they will be able to see the most current updated version of your Portfolio from that same email.

Track all your entertainment industry contacts on ShowBizCentral, with all their relevant information and your notes on ShowBizCentral.

Finally you can consolidate all your career related activities in one easy to use location which is accessible from any internet connected device.

Join the rapidly growing community of ShowBizCentral. Our membership has grown 1500% in the last year. Become a Professional member now and take advantage of our limited time offer to subscribe at a huge discount.

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