ShowBizzBuzz: Linette Beaumont in Mystery-Comedy Series ‘Agatha Raisin’

Jul 5 · 3 min read

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Who is Buzzworthy?

British actress Linette Beaumont, who turns up in the “As the Pig Turns” episode of the mystery-meets-comedy series, Agatha Raisin, currently playing on Acorn TV in the UK.

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Linette Beaumont (photo by Carl Fox)

What is the premise of the Agatha Raisin episode “As the Pig Turns”?

In this Season 3 episode, to take her mind off her breakup with James, Agatha (Ashley Jensen) and the gang venture out to the Winter Fayre, where the highlight of the evening is the roast pig on a spit. The event turns into a crime scene, when the main course turns out to be a tattooed human torso. Agatha encounters Amy Beech (Linette Beaumont), a suspicious lady in the village of Winter Parva, as she investigates the gruesome murder.

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Linette Beaumont in ‘Agatha Raisin’ (Complete Series 3 available to stream on Acorn TV)

What does Linette Beaumont have to say about working on the show?

“Having read the books as a child I was already a fan. The show is a tonic — it’s bright, funny and completely bonkers with wonderful mad characters. The cast are all brilliant and were an absolute joy to work with, especially Ashley (Jensen), who is incredible and truly drives the series. It was an honour to work with her. This was definitely a bucket list moment for me.”

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Linette Beaumont (L) and Ashley Jensen (R) in ‘Agatha Raisin’ (Complete Series 3 available to stream on Acorn TV)

Where else have we seen Linette Beaumont?

Linette is best known for her numerous television appearances on shows such as Endeavour, EastEnders, The Shooting Party, Coronation Street, Holby City, Casualty, Doctors, Murder in Suburbia, Trial and Retribution. She also starred in The Prowler, winning Best Performance at the 2017 Toronto Film Festival and Leading Actress Award of Merit at the 2017 Best Shorts California; and nominations for Best Lead Actress at the 2017 Madrid Film Festival and San Diego Film Festival.

On stage, she starred in Lady Macbeth, touted as “vividly portrayed, compelling performance” by UK Theatre Network Review. She earned high-praise as Lady Teazle in a School for Scandal, as Martha Dobie in The Children’s Hour, and as Libby in Blue Window.

What else can we expect from Linette Beaumont?

Linette co-founded Moonlight Drive Productions and is currently in pre-production on All the Thing You Are, a project she is co-producing and will star alongside Simon Callow.

Want an interesting fact about Linette Beaumont?

Beaumont is the Principal of a performing arts school in central London. She works with her students, producing and directing many shows in the West End, including at Her Majesty’s Theatre and at RADA London.

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Linette Beaumont (photo by Micheal Shelford)

How can you keep up with Linette Beaumont?

Find her on social media
Twitter: @LinetteBeaumont
Facebook: /TheLinetteBeaumont

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