12 Sangeeth Decor Tips — Part 1

A sangeet is a predominantly a lady’s only affair and is a most important pre-wedding ceremony that is observed in most in many parts of India. It has become a common affair in South India too and people are booking party halls in Bangalore to conduct the ceremony which is a fun and frolic event. The close relatives of both the groom as well as the bride gather at respective places to celebrate it.

The most conventional way of celebrating the event is when the female relatives sing traditional songs related to the occasion of a marriage and female relatives of all ages right from the children to the old married ones gather around and dance to the tune of the songs sung by the other elderly relatives and family members at the bride’s place or at the groom’s place. Nowadays no-one is celebrating separately and both are being held under one roof. The songs are further accompanied by playing the dholak and traditional drums of the north or shehnai in the south.

Nowadays with the passing of time, the way of organizing a sangeet too has changed drastically and the lady sangeet ceremony has taken shape by a party and a DJ is included. Traditional singers and dancers are being called to entertain the guests and people have combined traditional with western offerings. Booking a DJ has become so cool and in most of the cases, it is no more a small private affair of female relatives but a celebration that is spanning over the participation of kids and males in Bangalore auditoriums. People are taking so much of extra effort to adorn their homes too in case they are planning to have a sangeet at home and the place will look entirely like a party venue. Here in this blog, we have mentioned some cool and bright ideas that you can implement for a sangeet ceremony decor.

1) In case you are planning to celebrate it at home then you can resort to decorating the home traditionally like including more flowers, fliers etc. To make it look good, stick to good seasonal flowers that will stand out and make it look good and heavenly. You can choose more of yellow and red flowers because they look traditional as well as cool. You can call florists from http://www.showmyhall.com/florist/bangalore to help you out.

2) You can stick to color schemes for the entire event as this reflects on the ethnicity of the Indian culture and you can include more of yellows, maroon, shades of red, gold, white and cream that will serve the best of your purposes.

3) Stick to the color scheme and if you have chosen yellow and white for the ladies sangeet party then decorate the venue with items in yellow and white. You can also get contrasts colors to play in the background and may also bring in a variation of choosing two shades of the same color for the venue.

4) You can welcome all your guests by hanging a beautiful banner in your entrance and adorn the banned with festive bells that are easily available at the stores.

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