Awesome Birthday Party Ideas For Your Adorable Kids

Looking out for venues and birthday planners in Hyderabad? Not knowing where to begin. We are here to help you out for selecting some of the best venues in Hyderabad through by a single click. Let’s see a few awesome birthday ideas for you so that you can plan a party right away. The ideas are so mind blowing and quirky that it will be loved by all ranging from the oldies to the kiddies. Let’s begin

  1. Superhero / Comic Strip Themed Birthday Party

Super Heroes like Chota Bheem, Krish, Superman, Spiderman, Batman are out to save the world but have also conquered the little one’s hearts. You can choose the theme from the catalog and decide on having the cake, décor, snacks all designed to represent the theme. There are many home bakers and bakeries offering you the services which can be customized as per taste and preference.

2. Harry Potter Birthday Theme

Harry Potter

Who does not like the spectacled boy from the Harry Potter series who is a wizard. Who doesn’t love the little nerdy boy Harry who survived? Which kid does not love to have a party in a harry potter theme with all the wands, robes etc which the birthday child can wear and look special. They can live a day like the charming Harry Potter who is a wizard.

3. Minions Birthday Theme


“Bello, I want banana”, the minions scream on TV. Yes the cute little yellow giggly pairs of minions can be an inspiration for you to have a theme for your kids birthday. They will look great on the cake, walls, festoons, birthday caps, board etc. Their funny language and activities will be great. You can also dress up your baby in a minion costume and have many fun filled activities for the little guests who will grace your party.

4. Princess Birthday Theme


This one is preferred for the little girl that you have. A tiara, wings, a beautiful gown and all the decoration that will steal your little one’s heart are a sure shot wat of turning your party into a success. Imagine your girl’s wide open with amusement and happiness when she sees the castle decoration and the cake. No diamonds can buy you that joy. You can choose from Cinderella to Rapunzel based themes for you little bundle of joy.

5. Disney Birthday Theme


You can also opt for Micky Mouse, Daffy or any Disney theme of the child’s choice and have a full themed party. You can even have some someone dress up like any Disney character and entertain all the little kids at the party. Your little one will love it and enjoy with his/her friends. You can even have snacks, a cake designed as per each Disney character. You can also get Disney theme music and make everyone to dance.

6. Pool Party

pool party

This one is for the older kids who prefer to laze around the pool and have a water-based theme. You can have good non-alcoholic mocktails, finger food and snacks to go with the cake. You can also have balls and water sprinklers with amazing music which will make the party a blast. Be sure to choose party venues in Hyderabad for all your events.

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