How to have a summer wedding bash?

Weddings bring together an entire clan of people for fun filled events that will run through the night and the day and each event will be meticulously planned for the groom and the bride and for all the guests. Since weddings are all planned well in advance before at least a few months you cannot predict the climate or the weather of the day. If you are choosing banquet halls in bangalore with full AC then you need not worry about anything but if you choose an open air venue then you must consider the following to make the wedding a grand success. Rain can also play spoilsport most of the times and you need to be careful and make the summer wedding the best.

  1. Venue:

Coming to the main part since the temperature is quite high these months it is good if you opt for party halls in bangalore with full AC and the guests can heave a sigh of relief. If you are opting for an open-air auditorium then keep the space covered with enough air and cross ventilation for the guests. Always have a plan B in case of any sudden showers when you out in the open and choose a standby place to host the event. Keep the coolers on at every nook and corner. It is important to be safe than to be sorry later and there are many cases where weddings have been ruined thanks to the sudden showers.

2)Get best caterers:

Since it is summer time you can have a light menu which is not at all greasy and include all the seasonal fruits and veggies of the season. You can have natural ice creams to cool off and a good and steady amount of fruit infused cocktails to serve in the Mehendi and engagement ceremony. Good finger snacks are necessary and must be added along with a good non-veg or veg platter of food for all the events. Desserts must have an ice cream and juice bar since it is summer.

3)Get the best event management team:

These people are the backbone of conducting such huge events at a grand scale. They are in charge of everything like catering, event managing services, photography arrangements, decoration and decor, priest arrangements etc. Get the best team on board and make your work simple and you can take a break from the hectic arrangements and concentrate on the guests.

4)Provide good events and music:

Having the right music from the start to the end is very important for the engagement you can have good peppy numbers and also have a DJ to belt out the latest numbers. Since the Sangeeth and engagement are being clubbed together it is easy to do both and enjoy with the guests and make them dance. Time to burn the dance floor all folks. For the wedding, you can have the traditional shehnai to play all latest songs and marriage songs on the shehnai flute and drums. They add all the charm to the wedding. During the reception, you can organize an orchestra for all the guests to enjoy.