Why Music Artists Leave Cash On the Table.

As we’re developing our platform to help musicians manage and grow their fanbase, I take a look around at the industry. Specifically the music industry because I feel like that’s where the majority of our users will originate from. Anyways, I take a look around and I see tweets from up and coming artists talking about “L.A. we’ll be there soon!” “Got great love from Chicago!” or “Atlanta was awesome. We’ll be back!” and as I’m scrolling through, thinking in my head about all of the money they are leaving on the table. I’ve said this before where I talk about increasing your fanbase, but I want to say it again; GO WHERE OTHERS AREN’T. Let me tell a brief side story that relates to what I mean. A while back, I tried getting into SEO. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s where a someone rewrites your website to improve how high it ranks on Google search. So, there is was trying to “get rich.” I knew companies were paying big bucks for this, so I took a stab at it. I failed. The toughest part was that the field was so flooded with these big companies already doing the same thing that my little freelance self was trying to do. So, what’d I do? I went where others WEREN’T. I bought a website that was very specific. I believe the name was something along the lines of “water restoration of Mississippi” or something like that. Since it was so specific, I was able to beat out all of the other websites because nobody was really searching for that. And since nobody was really searching for that, these big companies weren’t striving for this kind of SEO. Once I got the site to the first page of Google, I “smiled and dialed!” I got my butt on the phone and called all of these water restoration companies in MS. To be fair, there weren’t to many. But I offered to put there contact info on the site for a monthly fee. Sure enough, I got clients. Long story short, don’t continue to feed the flooded market. Find a way branch out. A lot of artists aren’t visiting any place other than LA, Chicago, Atlanta, etc. If you take time to visit these u touched locations, you will grow your fanbase exponentially. Now, that will only happen if your music doesn’t suck.

How Do I Know If I’ll Have Fans In These Places?

Ha, you don’t. Now, ShowVert will help with this once we launch, but until then, your on your own. But, the point is that everybody and their momma is visiting these mainstream cities. You’re competing with hundreds of other people. It’s fundamentals of business. You performing in these huge cities for free is like a small Yahoo competing with Google. Sure, you have a chance, but accept defeat and try something else ;)