5 Tips for Setting an Engaging Piece of Homework

Setting homework isn't easy; it has to be engaging & worthwhile. Here are our tips to keep in mind.

Here are my 5 tips for setting homework:

  1. Make it interesting.
  2. Make it worthwhile.
  3. Keep it short.
  4. Give feedback promptly.
  5. Set it in advance. Never in class.

Repeat consistently and create the habits you want your learners to have. I think homework and starter activities go well. It provides an opportunity to use the starter to go through the homework set. For those that did not do it, it gives them a chance to find out what they missed out on. It gives the learners that did do it, an opportunity to share their knowledge. It also provides a forum for students to learn from each other. Keep it short. Move on.

When setting homework, it’s important to keep in mind whether or not it will be worthwhile for the students; at the same time you also want to engage parents in the home-learning process.

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