Confronting change: Rethinking Traditional Continuing Professional Development

Self development is a lifelong process. We are all trying to be the better version of what we were yesterday. Experiences teach us, failures make us stronger and we try to learn as much as we can so we don’t make the same mistakes again. The professional world has now become more diverse than ever before. More and more people are taking an unconventional route to progress their careers rather than attending university to obtain a degree in a certain field.

Nowadays, the level of skill and practical experience can take a person to great lengths in terms of career development. One can take many online classes as well as attend various workshops to improve and even acquire a new skill. Barriers have become more flexible with the availability of undergoing apprenticeships and obtaining sponsorship from select companies and firms; experience is now a fundamental and necessary obligation when looking to get into particular fields. The opportunities are now enormous varying from psychology to engineering or qantas surveying. Various websites provide online courses from top notch universities such as MIT, Harvard and UC Berkeley to name a few.

People are beginning to discover these recent developments in the career frontier and are more willing to explore and expand their options. Now is the time to consider rethinking the traditional approach and explore new roads and methods to furthering your career.

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