Embrace the New Year & Get Organised

It’s the New Year and also the time to head back to work and school. Here’s how to make a positive start to the year.

So it’s now 2016, the last year has really flown by and many of us are making our New Year’s Resolutions to get ready for the new term and the new year. It can be really easy to become complacent over Christmas (especially after eating all of that food!) and fall out of the rhythm and routine of things and it can take some time to motivate yourself to get back into it, but all you need is the right mindset and then anything is possible. Here are some ways to get yourself back in the working routine:

Hit the Gym again!

You may not want to and feel far too lethargic to get yourself back at the gym but the effort will be worth it. It will help to increase the amount of oxygen going to your brain and you will feel energised, productive and more motivated to face work again, and you will also feel better about yourself!

Make a list… of everything!

Start planning; write down everything that you would like to do whether it be personal or work related — just get it all down. Once this is done, start prioritising. What has a deadline? What can wait a little? What is the one thing on your list that you can do now and this would help move everything else forward? Get it done. When you’re prioritising, don’t forget about maintaining a work life balance — you’ve spent a lot of time with your family over the holidays and it’s been great so you don’t want to suddenly disappear when teaching starts again. Make sure you have a cut off point for your work to-do list so that you don’t miss out on family time.

Put together some starter activities — for you and your students

So, part of your to-do list is going back to work! This means lesson planning, homework setting and organisation, and potential concerns about trying to get your students as motivated as you. Put together some fun starter activities to not only engage your students, but also to get you involved and taking part too! These should only be 5 minutes at the beginning of your lesson and it can result in a class of enthusiastic and excited students ready to be taught by a teacher who is equally motivated.

Catch up with everyone

As much as you may need some starter activities to get your students’ brains ticking for some learning, they will be quite excited anyway. There’s always that buzz at the start of a new term where everyone’s curious about the others new haircut, someone may be trying a new look completely and this isn’t just amongst the students, it happens with teachers too! Get all the chit chat and catching up out of the way so that you can get on with your teaching and your students can get on with their learning. Otherwise you’ll end up having students talking over you and having a quick gossip over what presents they received during your lesson!

Don’t forget, it’s a new year and so it’s a great opportunity to set yourself some goals so go for it!!