Growing pains: Sacrifices and success in leadership

Sometimes when looking at those in a position of leadership, it can be easy to make the assumption that that the view from up there must be really great and that maintaining a leadership position strongly revolves around delegating tasks to your employees. What is sometimes overlooked is the level of hard work and sacrifice it takes for an individual to enter the leadership domain.

Sacrifice comes hand in hand with success; one simply doesn’t get to the top just by luck — certain sacrifices need to be made to sustain one’s position.

A leader understands that great things and successes don’t come easy; the hours are not 9–5 and work doesn’t stop the moment you leave the office, you must be consistent in giving it your all and maintaining 110% at all times. Time is the greatest investment a leader can make in order to achieve success. Giving both time and energy in order to ensure the best possible outcome is a sacrifice that all excellent leaders make.

Others come before you when you are a leader. A leader knows when to prioritise others and shift the focus from themselves to ensure productivity amongst their team. As a leader, you carry a level of responsibility in helping your fellow employees succeed. This means that sometimes personal endeavours are sacrificed for the greater good of everyone else.

Being in a position of leadership can bring about the understanding that the road to success, in terms of career progression, can sometimes be a rocky road in regards to relationships. You are required to dedicate and commit a great deal of time to your work which can sometimes take a toll on your personal relationships. The key to this problem is balance. A leader needs to master the art of balance to maintain both a social and professional life.

The road to the top is one of persistence, perseverance, sacrifice and hard work — at the end of this road you will find the bright lights of success.

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